Thursday, February 6, 2014

FULL BATTALION: 48th Foot for Quebec

Now I'm back in Canberra where I belong, I've managed to reunite the entirety of my 48th foot  and base them - basically. I'm still separated from my possessions and unable to paint or build anything for the next few months but have at least based these chaps - I couldn't wait to see how they look.
The only other unit comparable in size I've ever constructed (70 figures) was for one of my other major efforts - Project Lewes. Whilst they were irregular infantry (always more involved) the detail on these uniforms put them on par in the effort stakes for my money. Was that that a triple-cliche sentence I just wrote?
Anyway, once ensconced in a residence of my own and settle, it will be full steam ahead.

7th Hussars in the Desert

Anyone following this Blog will have seen the previous posting of my newly created A10 for my Western Desert 'Jock Column'. You may also recall and revisit the fact that I didn't know how to mark it up as I couldn't recall how the rest of the squadron was identified. Well, here they are.
I thoughtfully marked these bad boys up but also detailed their bona-fides underneath the bases. It seems I will have myself a mixed squadron of two Vickers VIB light tanks and the A10. It's funny how many years pass for me to progress even my smallest projects. When I started assembling the models for my Western Desert force, I was strictly adhering to the traditional three-vehicle company structure under Rapid Fire rules. These days I would organise them as a four tank company - but I've no problems with them being under strength given the ad-hoc nature of the group I am trying to represent.
Whilst my A10 and these little beggars are all in that early war disruptive paint scheme, they differ in colour schemes. These are older models to my recent A10 and are shot with my Canon EOS 600D digital SLR with my 18-55mm EFS macro lens on a macro setting with no flash.