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Wargaming in Australia is an expensive hobby – far more expensive than for hobbyists in the UK, the US or just about anywhere for that matter. For New Zealanders it will be just that extra bit worse. For those of you in the UK, I’ve read some chatter on the forums about increased prices of metals and postage charges in recent times and no one feels that more than those of us down-under. The two things that puts the pinch on us is the currency exchange rate and postage. The Aussie dollar (AUD) is almost always significantly weaker against the pound sterling (GBP) – by a long mile and usually near half the value. As I type we are only getting 55-58 pence to the dollar. In Australia our cost of living is more or less on par with Brits who live within the greater metropolitan area of London or in the South more generally. Pretty much, a dollar here buys what a pound buys you over there. The postal rates for shipping figures from the UK to Australia is the worst you can get and what’s w

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