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Playing Light Infantry: Black Powder House Rules

After playing so many Napoleonic Black Powder games recently, Grant and I polished our evolving set of house rules. They comprise four pages and we have endeavoured to retain the fast play principles. I admit that over the years we have included some features, only to abandon them in due course when a better understanding of the rules revealed the error of our ways. I truly believe Black Powder is a fantastic set of very well designed and tested wargames rules with not a lot of room for improvement. Having said that, I also recognise and appreciate the authors’ encouragement to make changes where players see fit – and so we have. Our 'Grant and Greg’s House Rules' aim to fill some gaps which for us need filling and they include the provision for ‘Huge’ units (cavalry and infantry), a revision of Disorder, Heavy Artillery, Light Infantry and Cavalry specifics. For this posting, I thought I’d share what we have come up with for Light Infantry. When I say Light Infantry, I’m refer

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