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THE GREAT SWAN 2021: A Rapid Fire Scenario and test play report

    Well I've had a marvelous weekend playing a wargame at my good mate Grant's place which is the third game this year - something of a record for me. It was time for another bash at WW2 20mm Rapid Fire wargaming and this time it was my turn to develop the scenario. I went to a game which represented the challenges faced by the Allied tip of the spear in 1944 following the defeat of the Germans in Normandy. This was an invented scenario for an imaginary contact during the Great Swan of 1944 - the break-out and skirmish run toward Antwerp. I had taken some time to develop the scenario and Grant and I have been developing some mechanisms to enhance our Rapid Fire wargaming. This time Grant (the German commander) had to scratch together an ad-hoc battle-group to hold off the British armoured thrust long enough to allow retreating units to escape to his rear across an imagined river crossing. His mission was one of delay and he got victory points for how long he could hold on an

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