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Project Quebec: 43rd 'Kennedy's' Regiment of Foot

In spite of earlier claims and in spite of myself, I clearly managed to crack out another regiment of infantry for Wolfe's army at the Plains of Abraham - the 43rd foot. Whilst looking through the details required of my last four regiments for the British, I stared wild-eyed at the requirements for this battalion and I think I can safely say they have the most complex lace patterns of my army.
At 28 figures, whilst not exactly a small unit they are nevertheless smaller than the units I have lately painted for this project but the complexity of their uniform has off-set this advantage somewhat. I am glad they are finished.

As you will observe, they have a fish-bone lace extension similar to Otway's 35th regiment up the forearms and at the back of the jacket but with several cross sections one of which falls below the coat turn-backs. On top of this, the profusion of white lace is shot through with dark blue stars (dark blue dots at this scale). Madness.
With facings of white this …

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