Sunday, March 16, 2014

My FV107 Scimitar Armoured Recce Unit

I wouldn't want to guess how long ago I bought these Airfix Kits but I knew one day I'd build these models. I have long felt that the Saracen/Scimitar light tanks are the best ever looking design of armoured fighting vehicle even to come from the British isles.
For a reconnaissance role, I wanted my Scimitars camouflaged to the max. I have been hording tea leaves for some time and finally got a chance to test a technique my mates have been using - fixing tea leaves to medical gauze.
I cut up, rolled and glued the gauze to the plastic model. Once dry, I brushed on undiluted PVA white glue and pressed on the dried (used) tea leaves. Once dried, I generously coated the leaves and gauze with diluted PVA (perhaps 50/50), then sprayed the whole model with my usual black undercoat.
I dry brushed dark green over the vehicle but it didn't matter if the leaves copped any. After dry brushing a lighter shade of the green to hit the highlights, I painted the black disruption stripes and dry brushed them over with dark grey.
I hit the tea leaves with ochre, khaki green and light green and am very pleased with the effect. Finishing off the model with some aerials and the job is done. I used two cut down plastic infantry by Revel to jazz things up a little.
This model was a trifle fiddly and I had trouble with the wheel assembly and the tracks. I always base my vehicles which adds structural integrity for a wargaming model and allows for hiding my gaffs with the plastic tracks. I will most likely never build another Scimitar - but I'm sure glad I have.