Thursday, November 30, 2017

UG the Great: Back to work!

I know what you're thinking ... enough is enough. Well I couldn't help but put myself in the picture so to speak. I wanted to keep practicing to hone the new skills. Well I'm happy that I'm done with this foolishness - so it's back to my more usual foolishness.

Monday, November 27, 2017

Marshal Grant Duc de Worrigal

A homage to my life-long buddy and ever-lasting wargame adversary Grant. I've been fiddling with Photoshop whilst in Tonga as those of you following this blog are aware. I'm honing my new found skills in face transplanting and this is my best effort yet. I can now make leadership cards with the actual players in the picture. 

Now I must get back to some painting. I have Romans and Crimean dragoons to get on with.

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Heinkel III : Last Heinkel Photoshp - Air Wing

Okay, no more of this nonsense I promise. Obviously a different photo from a different angle this time I cut out the model image and saved it as a smart object this time. I pasted it three times with size and orientation manipulated. After painting in the edges I shaded the screw-blur (don't really know what to call them) variously and that was all. I fixed them to a sky-scape taken from the same angle at the same time as the photo of the model itself - taken without the model. In short, a different technique to my previous air-brushing the stand out.

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Heinkel III : Up and Away

This is the first of a short series of photos I intend doctoring care of Photoshop. My Airfix 1/72nd scale Heinkel III P2 is seen flying out over the sea - released into the wide blue yonder. This manipulation was the simplest effort and no doubt clumsy to the trained eye. I merely painted out the wire rod holding it up, matching the changing layers against the sea and sky then cropped the result. I was holding it against the skyline so the light is completely correct - this wasn't transposed onto a different background.

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Heinkel III HE-20 Airfix: Part 2

Well I've stated previously that I'm a wargamer, not a modeller but I do have one foot in that pond and I confess to trying to get in deeper. I've really enjoyed assembling this model and trying to improve on my techniques and results.
I've developed my spinning props further by washing sections in black to imitate the optical blur and outline the arcs. Prior to painting them I cut them from the clear sheets by repeatedly turning my dividers - scratching through the sheets. Prior to the final 'cut' I repeatedly score the surface with the dividers, applying a half turn after each full circle so reducing the circumference and scoring ever decreasing circles toward the centre. At the end, it resembles a clear vinyl record - a wee one. The prop discs are tightly fitted but not glued or otherwise fixed and they seem to be well on thanks to the gloss coated spinners.
There's not much panel work to pin-wash but it has been done to raise the definition. The paintwork was brushed on (two coats) and then matt coated after applying the decals which were also set with Micro Sol softener. After that the lightest dry brush of light grey was dusted on the upper surfaces to catch raised panel lines and rivets and dark grey was applied to the under-surfaces. Exhaust staining was applied either side of the engines sweeping back across the underside of the wings.
I purchased the He 111 P-1 to P6 set from Print Scale - I think they are Russian based. A superb product and well worth the investment as they provide sufficient decals to do more than one model - they will no doubt come in handy one day. The decals depict an HE 111 P-4 8/KG 55 out of Villacoublay (France) in April 1941. 
Technically I should have opted for an earlier unit which the decal set does provide for (several in fact) but I wanted them to match the red spinners and I liked the heraldic shields.
On my next visit home I have a mind to scoop up the DFS230 gliders and my JU52 models and do the lot as I enjoyed this build so much. It's disgraceful how many unpainted figures and unbuilt models I have in my shed.
I'm going to muck about with Photoshop with this model and post the results in the near future.In the meantime these shots are in my yard due to an overcast sky and poor light.