Saturday, January 4, 2020

Battle for Quebec: Anstruther's 58th Foot

What was on-track to being the last unit for 2019 became the first for 2020 - my interpretation of Ansthruther's 58th regiment of Foot. I had painted these little men just after Christmas, ready for their mat spray coat but a category 1 cyclone parked itself across Tonga for the best part of three days and more into the new year. High winds, lashing rain and spiking humidity prevented me from finishing them but all good now.
This time I remembered to file off the cast detail for the genadier mitres which again did not conform to the pattern for this regiment. That made life so much easier when it came to painting the King's cypher motif.
As I'm likely to be using Black Powder rules when I finally get around to wargaming this army, it's allowed me to get over a bugbear I've had with basing. These bases allow for eight figures in two ranks with a 20mm frontage each. As you can see, I squeezed the sergeant on the right flank making for a nine figure base. That's because strict figure frontage no longer matters in the current generation of rules ... freedom!
I've been paying a lot more attention to faces these days and I think I've finally settled on my unshaved technique. Over the years I've opted for a diluted Citadel black wash and even painted grey but what's working the best for me is stippling a dark grey wash - just white, black enamels and mineral thinners. If I want it darker, I just repeat.
This is a gratuitous shot and I know I sound nuts but I like the grenadier mitre as much from the back as the front. I opted for the grenade on the black back-band but shied away from the regimental number.
I really enjoyed the black facing for this unit - something a bit different to my others thus far. Hey, you have to take relief where you can find it when painting 34 figure battalions.  The lace patterns and coat cut of the Redoubt Miniatures matched with the 58th foot better than others have in the past so there are less detail compromises this time.
I didn't weather or battle damage the regimental colours like I often do and they turned out quite vibrant - which I don't mind. I did more dramatic folding for the cloth of the flags this time and used the Front Rank fanion chords to tuck the King's Colour in closer to the pole.
The commander is a Black Hussar figure from the British FIW range and I think the drummer is a Blue Moon but can't really remember. The rest are all Redoubt Miniatures.
As I took a bit of time over this wretched drummer, I'm a little vexed he is so obscured at the back so here are two shots in detail ... peekaboo!
One small advantage to this regiment was that all references indicate that the cockade was black with a black tie and no button, making painting the head-wear just that little bit easier. The lace was also plain white for rank and file, silver for officer ranks.
I came to realise I hadn't added to Wolfe's army since 2017 at the start of my Tonga posting. Therefore, I have already started painting the detached light infantry skirmishers and bracing myself to paint the 44 figures for my 34th foot.
I'm happy I got the lighting right this time when photographng. I used my make shift light box and fitted it out with my charcoal cardboard backing sheet. I'm now concentrating on some Russian Cossack cavalry for my Balaclava Build (another of my blogs).