Wednesday, February 11, 2015


An ongoing army on-the-side is my Franco-Prussian War Second Empire French army in 15mm. My current collection (mainly unpainted) are Old Glory 15s and I elected to paint the French ahead of my life-long wargaming buddy Kaiser Grant.
As other obsessions loom larger at my painting table, I've turned back to these little fellows as a break from detailing 28mm figures. After my initial rush at a three battalion French line infantry regiment, I've eased off but will push ahead switching back across from my other goals so I'll have a supported Brigade by the end of the year.

These are my first and possibly only Zouaves of any description. I elected not to attempt specifying any particular regiment and I only had two battalions in the job lot I had purchased. I am sticking to painting what I have rather than worrying about rounding out whole regiments for paper based symmetry. Oh, and if anyone has references for the battalion fanions please contact me - I'd be extremely grateful.

This brings be up to five battalions in all with another half painted. I put more care into the faces this time and am more comfortable with the adjustment in my painting approach to the 15mm scale. I haven't decided how to finish the bases for this army yet, so am leaving them naked until that time. Consistent with the others, these Zouaves are 24 figure battalions, six to a base and deeper than the others to accommodate the firing poses.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Chevau-leger Lanciers: Part 2 of 2

Well these Frenchies took longer to base than I expected. I present my completed rendition of the 3rd Chevau-leger Lanciers for Waterloo. I have to admit to having enormous fun painting these - got stuck right in. This is a 20 figure representation of three squadrons (lost a horse along the way somewhere) using Elite Miniatures 28mm figures.
Based on 5mm MDF composite board, I commenced cutting the divots for my improvised grass clumps (see my Dutch Militia posting). This time I drizzled diluted PVA white glue over them afterwards to set them which resulted in next to no loss.
When fixing one rider I accidentally collapsed the rear legs of the mount but went with the concept of the horse faltering in a bog. Not sure if my photography does the effect justice but it's three layers of gloss varnish for effect.
Speaking of effect, my move to Black Powder rules makes my casualty markers redundant so made use of one of my Elite Miniatures dead Scots - reminiscent of Quatre Bras I felt.
I glossed up any shallow points in my putty-textured bases and used greener static-grass than normal for the verdant pastureland of Belgium. I blend all my static-grass; never being satisfied with the solid colours provided by the suppliers. I was aiming for an abandoned pastureland look.
I put a fair effort into animating these figures and injecting as much individualism as possible. I have drawn a line against making French flags myself; using Ian Croxall Salem's freely available Warflag graphics - a BIG hello to Ian. I started using his products for my Franco-Prussian War 15mm flags but used 45gsm paper this time which was the thinnest I could easily source. Given the size of French standards, I don't see this position changing taking the complexity of the design into account. Find his stuff here if you haven't already:
This unit's first time out may be against me as I'm building the Allied side primarily - so I don't know if I care if they disgrace themselves. Next unit for Waterloo is the 10th Hussars.