An ongoing army on-the-side is my Franco-Prussian War Second Empire French army in 15mm. My current collection (mainly unpainted) are Old Glory 15s and I elected to paint the French ahead of my life-long wargaming buddy Kaiser Grant.
As other obsessions loom larger at my painting table, I've turned back to these little fellows as a break from detailing 28mm figures. After my initial rush at a three battalion French line infantry regiment, I've eased off but will push ahead switching back across from my other goals so I'll have a supported Brigade by the end of the year.

These are my first and possibly only Zouaves of any description. I elected not to attempt specifying any particular regiment and I only had two battalions in the job lot I had purchased. I am sticking to painting what I have rather than worrying about rounding out whole regiments for paper based symmetry. Oh, and if anyone has references for the battalion fanions please contact me - I'd be extremely grateful.

This brings be up to five battalions in all with another half painted. I put more care into the faces this time and am more comfortable with the adjustment in my painting approach to the 15mm scale. I haven't decided how to finish the bases for this army yet, so am leaving them naked until that time. Consistent with the others, these Zouaves are 24 figure battalions, six to a base and deeper than the others to accommodate the firing poses.


  1. Great looking zouaves, well done!

  2. Nice! I have an army of these Old Glory 15 FPW French to paint, myself.

  3. Nice brushwork!

    I think I might have gone with only four or five to a base, to give them a bit more of the light infantry / skirmisher feel.

    Coincidentally, I taught my World History survey course students about this particular conflict today.

  4. What's not to love about Zouaves. Love the colorful baggies and small jacket.


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