List of Lists

I happened to be reading through one of my exercise books I use for miniature wargames. You know the sort of thing: purchase estimates, unit calculations and I also found a list of all army projects which were current, on the back-burner and future projects, written in 2004.

What disturbed me a little was my future projects 'intentions' list which included new armies and accompanying modelling projects such as a hill fort for my Celts and a settlement built into a rise for my Spartans, an army which I had not even begun assembling. I say disturbed because here was written down ideas I've had for years which still spill to the forefront of my thoughts from time to time and here I am, six years on and no closer to achieving said projects. Will I ever realise my list of dreams?

Not all revelations were bad. I noted that my intended re-modelling of my Malburnian army has actually commenced and my Baron's Wars army has also begun in earnest and evolved into my 'Project Lewes' complete with accompanying Blog. My back-burner blitzkrieg early war Germans (WWII 20mm) are finished, as far as a wargaming army ever can be said to be finished, and have fought several battles.

It has to be admitted that I am a far busier man than my wargaming aspirations would have me be. For those that can relate, between my family and career I should be pleased to have found time to dedicate to my hobby at all and several un-dreamt of projects have since appeared on my list since 2004 which have shuffled priorities about the place. I have indulged in 1:1200 scale Alglo-Dutch naval wargaming thanks to Langton Miniatures and a lately realised fascination with the golden age of sail. I have dabbled in 1/72 scale WWI aviation - yet to play a game with my own unfinished kits but have enjoyed several bouts of Wings of War. Wars of the Roses leapt into the lists after rediscovering a childhood connection with Robert Louis Stevenson's Black Arrow adventures - and again, an ongoing project not fully realised.

I am capable of enough introspection to guess my lack of achievement is rooted in an ongoing lack of focus. Even my 2004 lists refers to upwards of twelve armies spanning two and a half thousand years of military history on land sea and in the air. I admire, even envy those wargamers who appear able to remain within a fixed period - something I appear incapable of.  If I could only stick to one period, what might I have achieved to date? And what of my purchases which are still yet to see an undercoat and the light of day?

I have bought ECW with the fullest intentions of getting stuck into the early theatres of operations - probably centred on Roundway Downs. I have bought vehicles, tanks, guns infantry and air support for a combined arms battle group 'Jock Column' in 20mm for 1940 western desert - none finished. I succumbed to the lure of the 1815 100 days campaign, buying figures for one of the Dutch-Belgian brigades and their French counter-parts in the Grand Manner - only having started and finished one militia battalion. My only defence is that I have kept my metal purchases down to only two small drawers (albeit full to the brim) and have considerably less than my own body-weight in unpainted white metal. The same cannot be said; however, for the amount of space my unbuilt plastic kits take up - little wonder I have a four car garage with barely enough room for our vehicles.

What I need is a good six months off work to tear a chunk out of my list. Personally, I don't fancy my chances.


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