Quebec Developments

There's obviously a lot of interest in the Plains of Abraham battle for Quebec as it consistently gets more hits than any other posting on this blog. I'm painfully aware that readers are also no doubt disappointed as all the posting does is outline my wargames project intentions. Well, yesterday I placed my first of many orders to accumulate the armies as outlined in my 'calculations' postings.

Initially I have placed an order through Warweb in the USA - I've been dealing through this site for years as a happy customer. I have placed orders which, amongst other projects, will provide for both British guns and crew and the light infantry except for detached elements from the 78th highlanders. I have ordered figures from both Old Glory and Blue Moon thus far and will be ordering from the following US and English based companies in two weeks:

Conquest Miniatures
Redoubt Enterprises

I will do as full a review and photo comparison for scale comparisons as I am capable.  I intend to mix and match as many figure variants and manufacturers throughout each battalion as possible, being of the view that soldiers come in different shapes and sizes as we all do in real life. Because of the high numbers of grenadiers represented at Quebec; however, it seems likely that the Louisburg Grenadiers will most probably have to be all Redoubt.

Whilst I'm running three blogs already, I'm pondering whether or not to make this a project site on its own.


  1. Sounds like a great start, I'll look forward to your updates, whether its here or on another blog!!

  2. a separate blog for an adventure like this is a good move..


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