Quebec: Figure Compatibility Review

The following is a compatibility review (as the title suggests) of the ranges of figures I have chosen from what is loosely termed the 28mm miniature scale for my project, the battle of Quebec on the Plains of Abraham. Before continuing I will note that there is one notable exception to the figures under review which I still intend purchasing and that is the Conquest Miniatures range. I will undertake an updated compatibility review at a later date once they are ordered and arrive.
What this is not is a figure review in the general sense of the word. It is not a critique other than to inform gamers so that they may make better informed decisions when purchasing figures which they may wish to mix and match. I will provide a more comprehensive figure review in the near future on the selections I have made.


For your scrutiny in this comparison is (in no particular order) Old Glory Miniatures, Redoubt Enterprises, Blue Moon, Front Rank (Figurines) and Crusader Miniatures.

The photos have been taken with a Canon PowerShot S70 using a macro setting without flash. The figures were not trimmed or 'cleaned' and were arrayed on a base and back-drop of 5mm ruled grid. The back grid was raised 2mm from the base line to allow measurement from the top of the cast base of the figures. In other words, the measurements against the grid and the inset set square (in millimetres) begins from the sole of the foot to measure the height of the figure rather than the whole casting.

In this posting I am of the view that the photos pretty well speak for themselves and it is up to individuals to make whatever judgements are pertinent for them. I will be using all of these figures in my army and I have often written and spoken about the size difference in figures and real life. Just in case someone isn't aware of my perspective ... I feel figures can and even should demonstrate size differences between human beings.
I have worked with and observed men whose height and proportional size varied from 5' nothing to 6'4" plus. If 28mm is taken to represent an average 6' tall man, then 4.66mm represents one foot. Applying representative or scaled measurements to the real life equation therefore could see variation in figure height from 23.33mm (5') through to 29.49mm - a variation of up to 6.16mm between figures. Please don't take my word for it - take some Jockey's to a Rugby function and see for yourself. As an aside, ever thought whether light cavalrymen were shorter and slighter built than heavy cavalrymen or infantry? Just thinking out aloud.
I am really very satisfied with the compatibility of the ranges sampled for my army. Particularly well suited are Crusader, Redoubt and Front Rank. There is only really one exception ...
Blue Moon and Old Glory

It is really with these two figure ranges that I have the only genuine difficulty. It is just as well, therefore, that both of these ranges comprise my light battalions and will be fielded in permanent skirmish order - on separate and scattered bases. With the exception of the grenadiers, my Blue Moon miniatures will not be based with other troops and most probably will not form up near them - being out skirmishing mainly on the flanks. Similarly, my Old Glory will form my two independent artillery pieces and separate skirmishing light battalion. It is only really the compatibility between these two ranges which might have been an issue. I have no reservations with mixing Blue Moon grenadiers otherwise and in fact quite like my grenadiers to be slightly bigger fighting men.


  1. Great review! The BlueMoon are massive, they make the Old Glory look like kids!

    1. its the same with there 15/18's they make

  2. Excellent. I think Quebec would be a great project. There is just something about our Britans battles in North America that excite me. Good luck with it and thanks for the review.

  3. Hello thnaks for following my blog - what about Dixons FIW range and also in the next post how did you make up that wooden tray for the cork holding your figures.

  4. Hello David and who wouldn't follow your blog? - it's outstanding and unique. Yes, I haven't bought and Dixon's and haven't seen them in the flesh as it were. The Dixon website leaves me a little bit none-the-wiser also. I have also been reminded of the Elite Miniatures range. I may end up buying a regiment of each just to differentiate. Good point about my cork tray - I pinched then idea off someone elses blog I saw one time. It's just a piece of pine, drilled through and based on some three ply. The trick is to leave enough space to get at the figures which I glue temporarily on the wine corks with Selley's Liquid Nails. I do need more of them so will perhaps make a simple 'how-to' when I get home.


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