Project QUEBEC: 25% and recruiting

Project QUEBEC has reached the 25% mark with 146 figures completed out of my total of 422. To mark the occasion I've done what I'm sure many of you also do from time to time - get 'em out and behold them.

The first image is of a screen of light infantry (Dalling's Lights) in front and between the 38th to the right of shot and the Louisberg Grenadiers to the left. Holding the rear is Frasers 78th highlanders with a battery of two 6 pdrs on their immediate left.

This posting is all about incomplete projects as they are arrayed on a barely started piece of synthetic fur terrain for another project of mine (Project Lewes) so the images are a bit of a cheat - or is that cheek?

As you can see, the terrain doesn't match the figures basing but I hope when I get to sculpt the Plains of Abraham, the match will be near perfect. Anyway, it's all a bit of frivolous fun and the last chance I will have to do this in many months.


  1. you have to get them out once in a while it just the done thing :)
    Peace James

  2. Fantastic looking figures. What scale are they? They appear smaller than 28mm, but the painting is exceptionally detailed - like on larger scaled figs. Best, Dean

  3. Excellent stuff ... very much looking forward to the completion of this project :-)

  4. Thanks gents. Most (vast majority) are Redoubt Miniatures which I reckon to be true 28mm.


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