HMS Bristol - the First

According to my information, this amazing ship was in service for 60 years before finally being captured and later sunk by the French. They don't build 'em like that anymore.

Built by Tippetts of Portsmouth and launched in 1653, the HMS Bristol was a 44-gun fourth-rate frigate of the English Royal Navy, and the first ship to bear the name Bristol. In 1677 her armament was increased to 48 guns and in 1693, she was rebuilt at Deptford as a 50-gun fourth-rate ship of the line. In April 1709 she was captured by the French (renamed Agincourt) but was recaptured two weeks later, at which time she was sunk. She fought at Lowestoft 1665, Four Days' Battle 1666, Orfordness 1666,  Solebay 1672 and the Texel in 1673. 

As for her action in the Four Days Battle, the HMS Bristol was in the very thick of the fighting. By the second day her Captain, Philemon Bacon had been killed in action and was replaced by John Holmes, previously of the Triumph.

My model is another by Rod Langton. The largest vessel in terms of rating, armament and size in my collection, this brings up my English squadron to four vessels. I have only dared to make my models with running rigging using rayon twine but one day, perhaps on the larger vessels I'll extend myself to fully rigged - we'll see.


  1. Nice work and a great bit of history as well, I do like the Langton ships, a little expensive but top quality goods!!!

  2. lovely mate,

    looking forward to playing against it and perhaps sinking it.......



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