My Tank Company's A10: Armour for the Jock Column

 If memory serves, this is my 'almost' completed A10 from Skytrex. I bought a series of their vehicles years ago and have been building my Jock Column at a glacial pace.
This tank will be accompanied by my two Vickers VIB Light Tanks which have long since been completed. I haven't marked this 'big boy' up because I can't recall how I did my Vickers and want them from the same regiment - if not company.
 It will have an aerial and pennons but I have to transport this with me on the aircraft at the end of this week.
 The commander is an AB Miniatures figure and I generally have crew exposed for my lead tank in every company (organised for Rapid Fire rules). I normally litter my vehicles with plenty of stowage but went naked this time. What you see is what you get with the model. My only dissatisfaction with this kit was the bend in the muzzle which I was unable to completely straighten. I most probably shan't have another of these but if I was to, I'd source a brass replacement.
 For those of you familiar, you may have recognised it's painted up from the example given in the Osprey Vanguard No:23 British Tanks in N. Africa 1940-42.
Now it's onto the armoured cars.


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