Sacre Bleau! It's the Second Empire.

I must be seriously out of my mind when I think of all the other figures I should be painting and models I should be building but I cannot seem to help myself. Embracing my wargaming schizophrenia, I have embarked on yet another army development - Franco-Prussian War in 15 mm.
 When I was alone in Tonga last year, I spent some time developing Black Powder amendments or inclusions for FPW and looked about for the best figures and ranges to my tastes. A long standing 28mm aficionado, I just couldn't get past the Old Glory 15mm ranges and soon realised that to game this war on the divisional to corps level it would have to be on the smaller figure scale.
With a preference for bigger battalions I opted for 24 figure French battalions to the Prussian and German allies 32. Whilst not entirely convinced about the frontages I opted for, I am happy enough with the results even though it was tricky to pack-em-in. I feel I was too heavy handed on the flesh wash and the next three battalions will see an improvement.

This is my first French army after over 35 years of wargaming - yikes! I must be getting old. I jokingly state often enough that as a Napoleonic wargamer (Airfix to metals) I've been fighting the French longer than Wellington ever did. I know I'm not alone. Anyway, this has been an absolute treat for me. The French army of the Second Empire is a colourful and romantic period and the infantry are obviously reminiscent of the high-watermark of the French Foreign Legion era. I actually gave my mate Grant the choice of either German states or French and whilst it's hard to see past the allure of the Pickelhaube, I'm very pleased to be painting the French.

The images are of my first full line infantry regiment - of no particular identity (yet) with the second battalion in front carrying the eagle and the other two with their respective battalion fanions. The Tricolour is a print-out from and served my purposes extremely well. I'm learning to find the painting balance demand-wise of 15mm figures compared to 28mm and am enjoying the change. Vive la difference!

Next in this army will be a further line battalion (skirmishing) and two Zouave battalions.


  1. Very nice looking. Several of my wargaming buddies and I have 25/28mm FPW forces.

    You know that you can have a three battalion regiment of the Legion in your French Army, don't you? I've got it in my French forces, along with Turcos, Zouaves, and Naval infantry.


  2. Great start! Looking forward to following your project with great interest.

  3. Good to see you gaming 15mm FPW. Like Colonel Campbell, my FPW armies are in 28mm.

  4. Bloody hell Greg - as we get older we are meant to paint BIGGER figures :^).

    Well done mate and very best wishes to Grant. Hope to catch up at Cancon soon.


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