10th Hussars Start-up: 100th Post

I can't help it but I'm siezed with enthusiasm for this year's 200th anniversary for the battle of Waterloo. For those following my other blogs dedicated to my major projects I can only say sorry. I will be working on them but only gradually for the first half of the year. My enthusiasm (bordering on obsession) may wane - who can say?

Whilst I work on finishing the basing for my 3rd Chevau-Legere Lancers I've started prepping the first two squadrons of my British 10th Hussars. I've had these figures knocking around for several years - a gift from my mate Matt (avatar Bluewillow) and the first thing to do was strip the black undercoating. My painting technique dictates white undercoating and I just cannot see well enough for working on black.
 The figures are old Foundry castings and come in only three poses for the riders - officer, trumpeter and trooper from the B100 Late War Hussar series. Injecting variation and animation across the unit as a whole was required. They all came with mustaches (curiously enough) so some very careful shaving with a fine scalpel and some judicious filing cleaned three of them up for starters. I'll know it was successful only once they are undercoated. The head and shoulders are thick set on these castings so I resorted to some very cautious head turning with needle-nose pliers wrapped in cloth. A twist to the left for some, to the right for others, one tilted back and another to his front was about all I could do.
I thinned their sabres on the outer edge with the scalpel and file and curved some of the oddly straight scabbards. The mounts come in only two poses so I similarly turned a few heads to break them up a little. I docked all of the horses tails as was the fashion except the officer's horse - just because I felt like it. Now I drill and pin the riders to their mounts and they will be undercoated and painted.
Black Powder rules allow for an effective presence in the game for even a single squadron of cavalry but my scenario calls for up to the whole regiment on the field. A trip to CANCON last week saw me return with the Perry plastic British Hussar set which will provide for the other two six figure squadrons. I will not be turning these over in a month as I just about have with my lancers as I promised myself I'd finish three battalions of 2nd Empire 15mm French which are sitting at my table taunting me.


  1. Its amazing what a pair of pliers can do!

  2. Yep, 200th anniversary is a big one. I'm doing some Light Dragoons in 15mm and took a file to the shabraques, not sure the heads were twistable though - I've got some other figures I might try that on.

  3. Get painting, you need the reinforcements!


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