After playing several games of Black Powder and now being a complete aficionado of the rules, I have been compelled to revisit how I base my skirmishers. Many rule sets make sweeping statements or rather lay down prescriptive basing requirements to ensure representation of skirmishers. This is also the case for Black Powder.

My British Rifles (60th Loyal American and 95th Rifle Regiment) were previously based according to the dictates of In the Grand Manner. Both sets, if followed direct collectors to base their figures singly or in pairs. I finally reasoned it was an utter waste of my time.
Unless they are to be defending trenches or some fortified platform, single basing is fiddly and labour intensive in construction and during movement in the game. I tired of swarming them this way and that and to be honest, terrain often caused them to fail in being as upright as a Rifleman should be in the face of the enemy - especially on sloping ground.

I considered that the idea of single bases and their disbursement (at least 2" apart) was notional rather than essential. As long as they present in a loose formation and the figures are obviously spaced apart an alternative would be preferable.

My circular bases are the only circular bases for my armies in Black Powder Napoleonics which makes them instantly identifiable as dedicated skirmishers - as opposed to dispersed light troops or company skirmishers (Mixed Formation in Black Powder). In short, my Rifles are never formed so this option works well for me.
Unlike recent efforts, these are old figure paint jobs (all Elite Miniatures) freshly based for my Peninsular British but they may see the field of Waterloo and the 100 Days.


  1. Sounds good, your elites look lovely!

  2. Hadn't thought of using a different shaped base to differentiate between dedicated skirmishers such as the 60th and 95th and the Light companies of Line battalions or Light battalion companies when deployed as skirmishers. May have to revisit my Peninsular British basing. Fortunately only nine figures on three bases of 60th at the moment.

  3. Nice work! Following your blog now...

  4. Replies
    1. You know it. Might be the only ones I've got that do. Hey, stay away from those big European cities.


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