Gifts for My Girls

Okay, this has nothing to do with wagames or history BUT it has to do with figures. My daughters are not with me this Christmas but when they open their combined mystery parcel they will find their own copy of Zombicide. We played one evening with friends and they loved it - as did I.
So I bought a few character figures on-line from other miniature manufacturers and developed their own characters for the game.
The image for one of my Daughter's character Bella-Tricks which I used to create both the first poster-shot image and the above Survivor Card for the game is taken from one of my macro-shots from the figure itself, cunningly Photoshopped (it took me ages). I wanted to give them a very personal Christmas present which was unique and something with which I could value add.
The poster-shots I have a mind to have made into corresponding t-shirts. I just love both of them and the young woman blowing the bubble-gum whilst rollerblading and sporting a sniper's rifle just screamed Zombicide to me.
Anyone familiar with the game will know about the Survivor Card play-sheets and I tailored the best choices from the attribute lists which, together with a blank Survivor Card I was able to download. It is an extremely well supported customizable game with a growing following. Hard Charlotte as with the other character are avatars based on the girls names: all very roller-derby.
I just hope they like them. They won't be getting the figures and supporting presentation box and Survivor Cards until after the new year to accompany the game itself. Fingers crossed. 



  1. I am sure they will love them Greg - GI Joes next year mate!! Merry Christmas.

  2. excellent job mate, what scale are the figs 32mm ?


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