Observer Section: Part Two ... DONE

I checked how long ago the first part of this build was posted and my heavens, it was over three years ago! I've had the model back on my painting desk for over a year to remind me to finish it but I have been pre-occupied with my anniversary Waterloo enthusiasm - until now. Every year I begin with a flourish of completing long standing little jobs to tidy up my haphazard hobby habits and this year has been no exception.
I think everything that really needed to be said about how I kit bashed and contructed these models was said in part one. The only things to observe is that the unit markings are all hand painted and I used at least three lightening shades of weathering and dust to go for that dusted desert worn look.
When it comes to playing WWII, I tend to rush at tanks and infantry figures first but it's elements like transport and artillery which are extremely vital which often get left til last. Earlier period wargaming is about big battles with three arms and we tend to think WWII games are simpler and smaller. I play Rapid Fire rules which is really about battle-group sized games around one or two fully supported battalions of infantry. Truth is, once you throw in on table artillery, observer elements, observer elements for off table assets, air support, reconnaissance, transport to mobilize your infantry and so on, that simple supported battalion becomes quite the miniature army. Just as well we love painting and model making - oui?  
I have the unit mobile as well as in deployed modes. Given the effcetiveness of the British 25pdr Artillery as well as it's diversity, these fellows should seriously value add to my battery's presence on the table-top.


  1. That's a wonderful bit of modelling and painting Greg. Looking forward to seeing it in action!

  2. What make are the models ? Minimi?

  3. Great work mate,

    Really nice job


  4. Absolutely the bees knees. I'll unashamedly copy this when I've built up enough skill and courage! I'm a fan of RF myself.


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