Idea Forming: Scutum Mock-up

I could have continued stuffing about on a computer but sometimes it's just easier and more fun to break out the sketch pad and pencils. This is an options draft for what I think the 'standard' scutum design might look like for my speculative Cesarian XI Legion representation.

As previously posted, I've gone for the horse and trident imagery for the Legion's identification with Neptune: god of the rivers, sea and creator of the horse. I think malachite green or Egyptian blue. The green is for the grasslands and the sea whereas the blue could be representative of the rivers or the sea.

Earlier republican scutum are always simple designs - in this instance it might have been represented by only the horse. By the time of the early imperial period, more complex conventions are in evidence with eagle wings, lightning bolts and other devices providing a more cluttered and identifying design. So, I am aiming for a mid-point in evolution of the scutum devices with unenclosed legion number in large numerals and the cohort in smaller font.

My partner says she prefers the green - so this is where I'll go. Besides, I have a thing these days for green and red combinations and the vexilum, red cloaks and occasional crests should stand out even better.

I have today ordered two test sets of Veni Vidi Vici decals from the ancient horse range in black and white to see how they match on my Warlord shields - here's hoping. I think I'll have the tridents hand painted with variation in styles primarily because I think they will be simpler to paint.


  1. Looking very good Greg. I like the variety that this will give your army as well. I will follow this intently.


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