Celtic Command: Boudicca and Besties

I shudder to even guess how long these models have remained half built and it's taken me three pushes over years to finish them off. What can you do? I just have to be in the mood to be creative for certain projects at certain times. I haven't played with my Celts for years so that may be some reason for the lethargy. Anyway, here they are and done - finally.
The first model is my rendition of Boudicca "Warrior Queen" and my first challenge was what she would have looked like. My imaginative rendition has her adorned with acquired gladiatorial half-mail which she picked up after the sacking of Camulodunum. We are told she led the army so for me she a noble warrior also. We have no idea how old she was but we are told that she had two daughters. We know not how old these daughters were except the unverifiable story has them raped (according to Tacitus) which might suggest they were of a certain age but it remains highly speculative. So, she could have been in her twenties or thirties or as old as you like really. I have her in her fighting prime.
The next model is my chariot unit standard bearer. All three chariot models are from Old Glory except the Boudicca figure which I'm sure is an old ShaddowForge casting which I added a shield and spears to. I added reins by cutting thin strips of heavy foil (from my scotch bottles) and gluing them in holes drilled in the driver's hands and horse harness.
 I have the drivers in two different positions - two forward on the rig and one on the main platform. I covered the two bare-chested drivers in woad painted runes and painted the lime plaster where appropriate. 
I struggled for a long time about what sort of army standard I wanted and this sort of evolved. I had an old heroic looking fantasy Roman centurion figure which was too ridiculous for my army but his head gave me an idea. I fixed an auxiliary's shield which was repainted and - well, the rest is obvious. A bit gruesome but then ... they were weren't they?


  1. Great work Greg as these look fantastic. Are you getting them ready for any rule system in particular mate? We have been playing a fair bit of "To The Strongest" and it has absolutely reinvigorated our ancients wargaming.

  2. Very impressive. Don't feel bad. I've got half finished projects all over my painting table. Not enough time!

  3. Ooh, very nicely done !

    Half-finished projects ? Now that has a familiar ring. And once you finally get around to it, there's always the feeling, "That wasn't bad at all, what was I waiting for ?"

  4. They may have taken years, but they are terrific.


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