The Nassauers are coming!

Well I started off with a rush but it slowed down toward the end but what the hell, my first Nassau Battalion is done ... well, painted anyway. My band-saw broke and I'm waiting on another blade. I had cut the 5mm MDF bases but forgot that I wanted them based on 8 figure company size bases instead of my more typical six figure bases. So, I've blue-tacked them to the now temporary bases for the sake of the photos and this posting. This will be my last for a bit as I deploy to Tonga in a few weeks and am packing my modelling gear to go with me.
This unit represents my version of the 3/2nd Nassau light infantry under the command of Major G Hegmann who was mortally wounded at Waterloo. The figures are primarily Elite Miniatures with a handful of Front Rank thrown in for good measure.
I don't know if it can be made out in the photos but I chose to mix a few different hues of darker greens for the trousers and jackets - no figure has completely matched uniform items.

My painting references for the Nassau's were Wellington's Dutch Allies 1815 (Osprey) and Haythornthwaite's Uniforms of Waterloo. The 2nd Nassau regiment (three battalions) are illustrated with cloth shako covers which appears to be what Elite Miniatures sculpts are representing - fortunately for me. There are divergent suggestions across the references to what pompoms distinguish the companies. I have elected to go with the old company distinctions of blue, green, yellow and white with green and yellow tipped light company plume and red for the grenadiers.
The use of a scattering of Front Rank figures allowed me to represent some uncovered shakos.
The ensign's flag is made from cloth soaked in diluted PVA glue and the finial is hand made from green stuff. Stuffed-up green stuff that is as it hasn't set in weeks and I doubt it ever will. I was attempting to make the 'W' cypher but the failure of the filial to set prevented proper sculpting. I roughed up the edges and pin-pricked the field of the flag which I reasoned would have been a new colour just prior to Quatre Bras, having suffered a little damage by Waterloo.
I gave my Front Rank drummer (the other is Elite) a French coloured pack with white straps instead of the ubiquitous buff for the rest of the Nassau's.
This 48 figure unit has stretched the capacity of my light-box to it's limits and I was unable to take a shot of the extended line formation from the front. I also used a combination of white and yellow lights this time and I'm happier with the effect than previous attempts.
I am enabling this unit to perform as true light infantry with the Black Powder rule set. My convention for basing is to double the skirmish bases for light infantry battalions which was easy for this 48 figure unit so it has eight skirmishers. They are based two to a six figure base. My adaption of the rules differentiate light battalions from line in that when deployed into skirmish formation, the 'Mixed Order' rule allows my battalion to fire with the whole battalion effect (three dice) rather than the rule's more usual one dice. I feel that the Black Powder Mixed Order rule does not adequately differentiate between light infantry and line battalions.
I continue to base my figures consistent with the Grand Manner rules convention. Anyway, this will be my last posting for a while whilst I relocate and set up in the Pacific. My next Waterloo effort will most probably be the 2/2nd Nassau battalion which will have well and truly broken the back of the Allied army for my Papelotte project. I can't guarantee that will be the next thing I work on; however, as I will have to see where the mood takes me. 




  1. Nice looking unit.
    I thought the "mixed order" rule was for when a battalion deployes it's light company forward as a screen and so only the skirmish screen are firing not for when a whole light infantry battalion deploys in skirmish order.

  2. Thanks Anthony and you are correct. For me, given a light infantry battalion was capable of skirmishing its entire battalion, the Mixed Order rule doesn't provide for that. Hence I double the skirmisher numbers and they fire with the whole battalion's fire effect.

  3. Lovely mate,

    Looking forward to shooting them up soon!


  4. Wonderful work on these lovely troops, UG! I do love the uniforms of this unit.

  5. Impressive and beautiful Nassau troop, always nice colors with them...


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