Heinkell HE III H-20 Airfix: Pt 1

Bought long ago, I've gotten around to expanding my 1940 German Blitzkrieg air-support for Rapid Fire wargaming. I'm enjoying this immensely as it's been a while since I've built my last WWII aircraft model which I think was my Messerschmidt 109. Getting right in the mood, I've been listening to the Battle of Britain soundtrack and watching several Luftwaffe documentaries as I've cut, glued and sanded my hours away.
The ever-faithful Airfix company to the rescue, this model comes with one significant shortcoming. It has no tail swastika decals which is maddening. I suspect the production was due to some philosophical and political objections because I can find no images of a Heinkel III without them. So, I've had to source additional decal sets - thanks for nothing!
Anyway, I think I've stated before that whilst my skills and attention to details have intensified over the years, I am still a wargamer - not a modeller. There are opportunities to fill and sand sections of this kit but I'm not going further than sanding and trying to fit the parts as closely as possible. If there are gaps (and there are) so be it. I will be painting this in the early war camouflage which means I don't need to use an airbrush. Just as well as I have neither the brush nor the skills to use one and I just don't model often enough to be bothered to learn how.
By the same token, I am not painting the crew to normal table-top standards as they will be obscured by the crystal sections. I'm painting the cabin very basically for the same reasons. I am replacing the prop blades with grooved and clear plastic discs to simulate turning props. I'm also going to experiment by washing them with thinned grey and even cut-outs to see if I can't capture that full revving look.
The model could have done with a different bomb load for my purposes. I'm no expert but it looks to be rigged for the Blitz to me. Anyway, back to the Quebec figures. 


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