PROJECT QUEBEC: 3/60th Foot - Part 2

My army of Wolfe crawls one half-step closer toward completion with the painting stage completed for my rendition of the 3/60th foot. This task got stalled with a two week visit home to Australia.

At 51 figures this is the third largest unit in my growing army and I have now well and truly broken the back of the project - figure wise. They are mainly Redoubt Miniatures castings with a handful of Blue Moon (four). The Blue Moon sculpts are more accurate than the generic Seven Years War Redoubt Miniatures figures in that Redoubt details lace which the 60th didn't have ... for the rank and file anyway.
I've commented about the grenadier caps before with the Redoubt figures. I had to paint the cap design across the detail of whatever regiment the actual figures are trying to represent. This was not an issue for the Blue Moon figures who I think are supposed to be the 60th. If I had thought about it before hand I'd have filed back the caps smooth before undercoating. 
In the middle of painting these scoundrels, I leapt at an offer from North Star and bought two regiments worth of French Crusader figures along with the entire selection of their woodland Indians. I have determined to field both sides now so I can get some games in sooner rather than later - albeit not that soon. It'll be nice to paint something different.
They are based in platoon firing mode. Maddeningly, I have neglected to bring across the material I normally make the flags with so I now have to search Tonga for a substitute. Mid-way through this lot I sourced finials from Crusader which I had also run out of. I scooped them up on my home visit as there's no use trying to get stuff sent to Tonga.

I am representing the drums unadorned this time. Whilst the drummers themselves paint up reasonably, they are a brutish figure and easily the worst in the range. Anyway, one last shot of the grenadiers before I sign off. The Blue Moon sculpts are in the front rank. I just love the grenadier caps of this period the best.
A quick review of my completed units thus far are:
3/60th foot
48th foot
28th foot
78th foot (highlanders)
Louisberg Greganiers
Dalling's Light Infantry
A battery of two light guns
Which brings me up to 230 infantry figures and two crewed guns out of a total of 422.  


  1. I was at the Fortress of Louisbourg last weekend. I got to the landing beaches where they came ashore. Time to dig out my own figures to do this seige again


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