WARLORD Ceasarian Romans: Prepping

I've started already in assembling the next two cohorts of my representation of Legio XI for the Gallic and Civil Wars. All miniatures are from the very appealing Warlord Games Caesar's Legions range. My first and third cohorts are next together with some tribunes command figures.

For these units I am having the front ranks with drawn gladius and the rear ranks supporting with pilum. The Warlord range uses the same torsos for both sets which require the added preparation of carving away the gladius grip and pommels for those legionaries who have their swords drawn - which you can see I have done.

I may have failed to point out to those unfamiliar with this range that I have carved away the crests on all helmets except for those I am designating optios. This also requires a bit of careful fiddling.

The heads, weapon arms and shield are then glued on - for me in precisely that order -leaving time for the liquid cement to set properly. That's it for the rank and file but I had more engineering left for the command figures. I have ordered the command set with the cornicern which I will place with the first cohort - still actually at standard strength for this period. I am painting the tuba equipped musicians in the meantime.

For the third cohort I have converted a variation eagle I had lying around to replace the bull signum which is the only standard Warlord Games provides in their legionary sets - a problematic limitation. I carved off the eagle wreath and as it has its wings swept back, I'm going to paint it white or black for either a dove or a hawk. To further differentiate it I made and glued two plastic discs onto the staff which I half drilled in the centre to represent unit awards.

As there are a number of cohorts to create, I also changed the centurion for the third cohort. I cut and sanded back the top of the transverse crested helmet the kits come with - the Greek style helmet. This left just the helmet crown with crest. I then cut back another head and fixed the two together to give me a more Montefortino result. I intend for each of my cohort centurions to differ from one another.

For the first cohort they get the eagle. I converted an old Wargames Foundry early imperial aquilifer by cutting and filing off his waist and shoulder pteruges and his frontal helmet ridges to better resemble the Warlord Caesarians. Both new cohortes are having a casualty figure modeled as one of their number and the Primus Pilus Lucius Varenus and Titus Pulo character set is leading the cohort and protecting the eagle respectively.
The metal Warlord Games Roman Officer set comes with a mounted and foot tribune - one apparently hailing the other? Well, I cut, filed, drilled and pinned a sword hand to my foot tribune to make him a little more aggressively active.

They are now ready for undercoating but this won't advance until after Christmas. A happy holiday to all and may your stockings overflow with figures!


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