In the interests of record keeping I thought it might be worthwhile listing all of my armies and projects which might be of interests to anyone else who reads this blog - although I can't really imagine why you would be.
I have always approached this blog with a view to discussing things I learn when I paint or build anything (techniques, issues ... that sort of thing). I have never posted any older items on this site - only what I've finished at the time I was working on it. So, there's a heap of stuff which pre-dates the blog's origins. Perhaps I'll move toward electronically cataloguing ... we'll see.
I'll approach this in an historical chronology. I never consider any of my armies truly completed. There is always a unit or sub-unit I think about adding. I tend to like to play with something new when I trot my old soldiers out. Unless stated otherwise, the following list are armies which are capable of being fielded on the table-top.

Persian Wars Spartan army - 28mm
Caesarian Roman army (under development) - 28mm
Early Imperial Roman army - 28mm
Gladiators (under development) - 28mm
Iron Age Celtic army - 28mm
11th Century Norman army - 28mm
Viking army (collection phase) - 28mm
13th Century English Barons Wars Rebel army (under development) - 28mm
Wars of the Roses army - 28mm
English Civil War (collection phase) - 28mm
17th Century Dutch Wars (under development) - 28mm
17th Century Anglo-Dutch Naval - 1/1200
War of the Spanish Succession Dutch (under development) - 28mm
FIW Seven Years War British and French (under development) - 28mm
British Napoleonic Spanish Peninsular army - 28mm
Allied 1815 Napoleonic army (under development) - 28mm
French 1815 Napoleonic army (under development) - 28mm
Crimean War Allied & Russian (under development) - 28mm
Franco Prussian War French (under development) - 15mm
Sudan Colonial British force (under development) - 28mm
Allied WWI Palestine skirmish army - 28mm
WWI allied and axis aviation models - 1/72nd scale
WWII Allied forces (British Western Desert/Canadian Dieppe (under development)/US Italian campaign/British commandos/British Western Europe 1944) - 1/72nd scale (20mm)
WWII Axis forces (Italian Western Desert/early Fallshirmjeager/DAK/1940 Germans - 1/72nd scale (20mm)
1990s British Army battle group - 1/72nd scale (20mm)
Sci-fi Daleks/Ogrons and Unit (under development) - 28mm

The bold/red listings are those armies I've actually played games with. I truly do only get to play wargames about 5% of the time I spend on this hobby. When I return from my current posting (possibly two years away) I'll explore how to change this.

Part of me wishes I could stick to just one period but I can't. Too much fascinates and attracts me. WWII is a period I keep returning to and it's really a hobby in itself - like Napoleonics is for me also. All the above comes with terrain and scenic buildings and fortifications in some cases.

Some of the above armies are major projects in themselves or will be. My Quebec re-fight is shaping up to be more than 1000 figures in total (both sides) and will continue for years to come. My Barons Wars Baronial army for a Lewes 1264 re-fight is near completion and has been stalled repeatedly over several years. It has it's own blog and I also need to build the Royalist army which is even bigger than the Rebels - over 1250 figures. The Dutch Wars will be massive but progress will be rapid once I get serious about committing to it - it also has it's own blog which has been effectively dormant for some time. My Crimean Balaclava project is also considerable and a total labour of love.

The list never rests. I keep returning to a lingering interest I've been slowly cultivating for a bronze age Assyrian army - I'm sure it will happen. Intend developing a Crete 1941 game one day. I've flirted with a mid/late Hundred Years Wars army and a 12th century army - I just love the medieval era.


  1. The word Nutta springs to mind, in a good way of course :)

  2. A lot of fine projects listed. Although I am quite sure I'll never build an Assyrian army, the painted Foundry line still inspires.

  3. I second Dean! A good list.

    I’ve a very sizeable box containing an Ancient Assyrian army I bought from Guernsey Foundry years ago (before The Lunacy set in). Most all are still unopened in their blister packs. The box is currently being used as a hefty, solid base to take the weight of my computer printer.

    What always stops it from moving to the top of the painting queue is the lack of interest in the era amongst gamers here, along with the lack of an opposing army (I'm not into unhistorical mash-ups).,


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