Western Desert Force: 2 Pounder ATG Portees

Well I believe that's all for the ground forces of my Western Desert Force 'Jock Column' at long last. I have finished of assembling and painting two resin and white metal 2 pounder Portee anti-tank guns in 20mm - naturally.
These models are Britannia models (product code RVM106) which is now distributed through Grubby I see. They are great models which come with all the campaign detritus you could want as part of the casting. Only the wheels, the gun and the gun shield come separate and require fixing (I used Selleys two-part epoxy Araldite).
It occured to me during painting that the tarpaulin underneath the collapsed windshield needed to be visible as if through glass. I finished it off with some gloss varnish.
The crew are Raventhorpe Miniatures (pretty sure) though I'm not sure about my crewmen in the helmets. I'v got such a mixed bag of stuff over the years and it's been so long in the creation that I've lost track.
I don't know why but I've been putting these two models off for years. Now all I need is some air cover - for gaming in Rapid Fire.
So my Desert Force now has two ATG portees, three armoured cars, three tanks, a battery of two towed 25pdr howitzers with accompanying observation team and a fully motorised infantry battalion. I think they have all been documented through this blog under at least the 'Commonwealth' label. Next will be their Gloster Gladiator. Now I will get back to those Abenakis.


  1. Wow, splendid! Fantastic job on these ones!

  2. Excellent looking kit. I need some of these for my Western Desert Force, but they will have to be a tad smaller.

  3. Great looking desert force! I'm tempted to get into the period with some Perry plastics. Haven't played WW2 in a long time, but it'd be fun to paint up figures and vehicles in the desert scheme.


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