Caesarian Romans: Cohort IV Legio III Gallica

There's not a lot of difference at all between this and my previous cohort except I'm improving my home made decal application techniques. You really need to trim away as much of the backing paper when cutting them out as you can. It made them more pliable.
I've never really said much about my Signifers. The Signifer for this cohort like most of mine to-date is the standard inclusion within the Warlord Games Caesarian Roman box. They all come with the bull on a relatively plain shaft. I have hacked and changed and carved new ones and supplemented them with different standards from other manufacturers to individualize each cohort. I  adorn my shafts with awards (plastic card discs which I drill in the centre and this time built a raised centre with a small pellet of Green-Stuff. I also made tassels below the grip from Green-Stuff.
As this cohort is from a different legion to my previous use of the bull figure I got to use it again - easy.
Likewise I kept the Greek style helmet for my Centurion which comes with the set instead of kit-bashing a Gallic version. The bare headed legionary was just a metal head replacement from Warlord (I think). I paint the shield numerals but probably should have printed decals for that also if I'd thought it through properly.

I've run out of time before getting home for Christmas. I pushed to create this cohort in just over a week - a record for me. I have another 70% completed but I have work and packing to do in just 48 hours. I'll actually be gaming these bad-boys using Hail Caesar first thing in the new year. I've managed to crack out six cohorts this year (4 x legio XI and 2 x Legio III). I intend to finish my legion and a half by this time next year. No more posting for me until 2019 so a merry Christmas and a very happy new year to everyone.


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