Rapid Fire 10X10: Reference Sheet

See PDF Rapid Fire 10x10 Reference Sheet (A3)

Over the years I have developed a variation for Rapid Fire wargame rules which expands the armour combat system to a 10x10 scale over the 6x6 offering. In other words the armour rating have been expanded to A through to J (soft skin) and gun classes 1 - 10. I developed a more expansive series of vehicle and gun charts for the Commonwealth, American, French, Italian and German forces. As I don't play Russians or Japanese (so far) I stopped short.

The vehicle and gun charts were posted previously using Scribd but I never realised no-one could download them. Hopefully this new re-posting will enable those so inclined to do so. Theyn are extensive but not exhaustive. The reference chart is new(ish).


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