Caesarian Romans: Cohort V

For this cohort I have included two figures from Aventine Miniatures – the Cornicern and the Centurion (RR24 Cohort Command Set).

Whilst from an earlier republican range, one of the Aventine command sets translate well into this late republican period and gives me further variety.
The sculpts are beautiful and a pleasure to paint. As most of my Romans are Warlord Games miniatures I have painted near 160 of them and tire a little of looking at the same range of faces so it’s a relief of sorts to stare at a divergent sculpt.
The Signifer is Warlord Games but I have replaced the bull with a horse I carved myself from plastic card. I also added my usual awards and a tuft from Green-Stuff.
The following group shots are at +30% brightness filter due to poor light conditions. Well it is the rainy season in the Pacific.


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