Caesarian Romans: Cohort VI Legio XI

My first whole unit produced this year includes a few new features for my Roman army. After a prolonged shipping process I received and incorporated some of the last Wargames Factory models available from their now defunct late Republican Roman 'Caesar's Legions' range of plastic 28mm figures.
Wargames Factory Caesarean Roman legionary

The earliest of the 28mm plastic figure revolution, these Wargames Factory miniatures definitely finish in second place to the Warlord Games figures. The detail is shallow and the depictions are ever so slightly slighter built than their Warlord Games counterparts. I have always loved the Warlord Games Romans but I didn't realise how much until I painted the Wargames Factory figures.
Wargames Factory Centurion

Having said that, whilst I didn't enjoy the process of painting them, they come up better than they look in their raw state and better than I was predicting. They did satisfy my desire for greater variety and as far as I'm concerned, they look just fine. I will; however, be relegating the remainder to my testudo models.
I do like the Wargames Factory Signifer
Only I can see it I suppose but I swapped arms and weapons between both figure ranges within the unit and gave the Signifer a shield.
I also equipped the entire cohort with metals shields from Aventine Miniatures. I did this because I'm hording the plastic shields for my testudo models - see my other posts. You will see I've also included some raw shields with completely stenciled covers for the first time.
It might simply be because they are just that little bit different from what I've been getting used to, but I love these Aventine Miniatures shields. This is my eighth cohort in a little over twelve months (I think) so that's 192 uniformed Romans - I'll take what variety I can get.
I will be including two more posts on my evolving Caesarean Romans - the onager and my testodo model which is nearing completion. I'm giving my Roman project a rest of a while as I seem to have run out of my MDF bases. I'm home in May and will cut more but for the time being, it's on to other things.



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