Canadian Infantry: My Dieppe Figures Part 1

Whilst I've had guests in Tonga for the past month, my production rate has become incremental but not without some output. I've been so caught up in model making my Churchills for the Calgary Tank Regiment that I've been itching so paint some figures - and so I have.
My two infantry regiments for my White Beach Dieppe scenario will be the Royal Hamilton Light Infantry and the Essex Scottish Regiments of Canada. I purchased sufficient numbers of AB Miniatures WWII British Infantry (I hope) to field two mid-late war battalions organised for Rapid Fire rules.
These will be about my fourth or fifth Commonwealth battalion for WWII Rapid Fire wargaming in 20mm - although I will be relegating a plastic battalion to the dustbin. I have a late war British battalion from Britannia Miniatures which I just love - they are very chuncky toy-soldier style. The AB figures; however, are the best I've ever seen with superb detail and proportions rendering them extremely life-like in my view. They also make me want to paint them better.

The images are from my first and smallest of three batches I'm painting - the second is now underway. I had purchased Vallejo English Uniform 141but ended up mixing Humbrol Matt 26 Khaki and Matt 80 Grass Green (50/50) with a drop or two of black to darken it down a little. I did this for two reasons: I had forgotten I bought the Vallejo and also because Canadian battledress was greener than the UK product. I darken it slightly because it's going over white undercoat and just shades better - given that I use a wash technique.

Generally I follow a very handy SHQ Miniatures painting guide. The only thing a bit different was I mixed in some earth tones into the slightly lightened black matt mix to do their boots. I can't say it looks too radical but it's got a slight fading look and I'm very happy with the boots. I am going to apply the Canada shoulder patch and the unit/divisional insignia patches but only once they are all finished so I know what's-what and who's-who as I haven't properly sorted them yet.

Both regiments were from the Second Infantry Division and the above chart was taken from the wonderful website which contains everything that I wished was included in the Osprey Men-At-Arms 359 Canadian Forces in WWII but wasn't.


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