Three Churchills Down: My Dieppe Part 4

I made it at least partly to the end. These are the first three of six Churchill tanks (2 x Mk 1 and a Mk2) for my Dieppe re-fight. I've decided not to complete the base colours and textures until such time as I do the terrain for the Dieppe chert beach - some way away in the future.
As I stated in an earlier post, these models were painted entirely with brushes which I believe are just as effective as an airbrush - at least for this sort of simple colour scheme. I paid particular attention to painting the snorkel exhausts with a base coat of brown, stippling with orange and then yellow mixes before a brown wash over the top.

In fact, I paid a lot more attention to how I painted everything. The rubber tracks were sprayed with a  matt black undercoat together with the whole model before a brown wash and then a simple steel dry brush. I don't believe I had ever done that before. I refrained from any mud or dust weathering as they were new to combat, off the ramp into the water and onto a the chert beach.

I pin washed with oils, chipped the vehicles lightly and very lightly rust washed in careful vertical strokes in selected areas. I finished off with an extremely light dry brushing.
I chipped selectively with a lighter base colour then inset steel. This was another first and I think it turned out fine. Can't say I enjoyed that process at all - tedious when done across five vehicles.

All shots are taken in completely natural light as my fluorescent magnifying lamp just blew it's bulb. Thankfully my good mate Grant is visiting in three days with a replacement to the rescue. There are none to be had in Tonga and so I cannot do anything at my work table for the time being.

The other two Churchills are waiting for their exposed tank crew to be finished and I've let the Mk III and Daimler Dingoes lag behind.



  1. Watch out for the gravelly beach chum!
    Great looking tanks.
    Best wishes,

  2. Nice details, looks realistic and beautiful!

  3. They look extremely good. The Canadians will be glad of them.

  4. Thanks comrades. It's been a frustrating process and they are accompanied by two battalions of Canadian infantry which I'll run up in my next post.

  5. Very, very nicely painted and weathered British armor. I have a Tamiya 1/48 Matilda hopefully arriving soon (an ebay item). Recently got suckered into buying the El Alamein set from Warlord Games! :)

    1. Thanks Dean. I doubt I'll ever be seduced to Bolt Action and the 28mm scale for WWII. I'll keep settling for envy at what you are all able to produce.


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