Horace & Helen: A Kind of Love Story (Part 2 of 2)

Finding consistent reference shots of any of the Daimler Scout Cars for the Calgary regiment is problematic. In fact, it's largely a waste of time. What if interesting about this particular project (the Dieppe project) is how much observation and scrutiny of photographs is required.

Firstly, we wargamers tend to look for patterns and consistency where there was none. That lesson well learnt, I looked to the evidence for each vehicle (not a lot) and went from there. As it happens, I believe that Horace and Helen were both similarly marked up which was not necessarily the case for the other Daimlers at Dieppe.

Serial numbers look to have been used but only on the right hand side - there being no evidence for those photos taken of the left hand sides. Life with my Churchill models, I've gone with representative serial numbers for the decals to hand - they are not the correct numbers for either vehicle.

National markings appear clearly to have been placed on the underside rear. I came to the conclusion that the photo of Horace also indicates a second emblem on the rear of the engine hood. I am assuming that Helen has also but like other Daimler after-action photos, the engine cover is removed (possibly blown off).

Few other markings are in evidence - they are pretty plain save for the number in the diamond and the vehicle name.These shots were without the aid of a light-box and it's a bit dark and dull. I lightened them up on Photoshop 26% believe it or not. They are now due a matt spray coat end then all that's left are the bases for another day.


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