Saturday, September 29, 2018

Western Desert Force: Morris C9 Armoured Car (Part 2)

Morris C9 armoured car ... check. Tricked up just a little with some green-stuff canvas rolls and a balsa and plastic card crate on the back. The two figures are AB Figures I believe with their legs ignominiously snipped off.
I love armoured cars probably more than tanks but I'm sure I don't know how to use them properly on the table-top. They always get nailed as there's always something bigger and nastier about the place.
Like it's running mates (the Rolls Royce A/Cs) I didn't mark it up. There appears very little unit identification evident on any of the photos I referenced so I opted out. In all likelihood this is the only C9 I'll ever have. A simple and enjoyable build with a rapid result in terms of actual construction time. It's 20mm or 1/72 scale I believe as is everything I do in WWII.
Now it's time I got back to and finished my woodland Indian skirmishers for the Plains of Abraham.

Western Desert Force: Rolls Royce Armoured Cars (Part 2)

Well that took a while. A trip to Auckland and a rolling series of most welcome visits to Tonga has seen me turn from miniature army builder to tourist, host and travel guide. Well it's back to the workbench and my 'Jock Column' now has it's armoured car company at long last. They are 20mm models or perhaps 1/72nd scale?
I'll add the aerials after they ship home but for the time being they are finished. I opted to have very faded dazzle camouflage although the darker grey does still look rather dark.
I've made one a potential leader car or command vehicle if they operate as a two-some which I always depict with a commander in the open-top state. One of the front vent doors broke off when painting and I still can't find it - so I'm putting it down to battle damage or campaign wear and tear.