Western Desert Force: Morris C9 Armoured Car (Part 2)

Morris C9 armoured car ... check. Tricked up just a little with some green-stuff canvas rolls and a balsa and plastic card crate on the back. The two figures are AB Figures I believe with their legs ignominiously snipped off.
I love armoured cars probably more than tanks but I'm sure I don't know how to use them properly on the table-top. They always get nailed as there's always something bigger and nastier about the place.
Like it's running mates (the Rolls Royce A/Cs) I didn't mark it up. There appears very little unit identification evident on any of the photos I referenced so I opted out. In all likelihood this is the only C9 I'll ever have. A simple and enjoyable build with a rapid result in terms of actual construction time. It's 20mm or 1/72 scale I believe as is everything I do in WWII.
Now it's time I got back to and finished my woodland Indian skirmishers for the Plains of Abraham.


  1. Awesome desert AFV. Reminds me I still need to finish painting a 251.

  2. I do like this superb Armoured Car, and its crew, excellent and realistic job!

  3. Nice work mate, got that dusty look down pat



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