As I hopped from one build to another on my work table over this long weekend I was reminded yet again of my inability to stick to one thing in the world of wargaming. I also took a review of this blog and realised it is only ever representative of whatever I'm working on at the time and not particularly reflective of my armies and projects as a whole. So, for anyone remotely interested and I suppose if anyone wants to request photographs of the same. here is my current list of my current holdings.

As far as any project is finished (always being able to add another unit for variety if anything) I have marked completed armies 'C', those under construction and not ready for gaming are marked 'U', those which I game with but are incomplete are marked 'I' and future projects in pre-production phases (some purchases) are marked 'F'. I also never say never to anything after that.

In 28 millimetre (all 1/20 troop scale)

Ancient Spartan Army (Persian Wars) gamed in Warhammer Ancient Battles (WAB) - C
Ancient Briton (Celt) Army (WAB) - I
Early Imperial Roman (WAB - I
Norman 1066 (WAB) - C
Viking (WAB) - U
1264 English Rebels (see Project Lewes) (WAB) - U
Wars of the Roses (WAB) - I
English Civil War (WAB) - U
War of the Spanish Succession Dutch (WAB) - I
French Indian Wars (Quebec) British (WAB) - F
French Indian Wars (Quebec) French (WAB) - F
1810 British Peninsular (Busaco) (Grand Manner) - I
1815 100 days campaign Allied (Grand Manner) - U
WWI Palestine Commonwealth skirmish army (Beersheba) - C
Pulp RCMP (Mounties) taskforce - C
Gladiators (Avlon Hill) - F

In 1/72 scale or 20mm and all WWII played with Rapid Fire

Early German blitzkrieg (1940) - C
Early western desert Italian (1940-41) - I
Early western desert Commonwealth (1940-41) - I
Mid war American (Italian campaign) - I
Late war Commonwealth (1944) - I
Project Dieppe - F
Project Crete - F
British Commandos (elements)


1/1200 scale Anglo Dutch Wars naval - I
1/72 scale WWI air combat 1915 - U
1/72 scale modern English battle group (1990s) - U
Daleks (traditional) and UNIT into the future - U

Major Fortifications/Buildings

28mm Norman Motte and bailey castle (York) - I
28mm earth bank Roman fortlet - C
Seventeenth century bastion fortress - C
28mm WWI Magdebah redoubt - C
1/72 scale desert fort (x2) - C
28mm Celtic hill fort - F
28mm adobe village - C
28mm Spartan hill town - F

AND sometimes I let myself think about Franco Prussian War in 28mm, Crimea in 28mm, the twelfth century English civil wars of King Stephen in 28mm, the Dutch Wars of the 1670s in 28mm and the defence of Malta by the Knights of St. John during the renaissance period in 28mm. Now that I've wasted all this time ... it's back to the table.


  1. All I can say is........... Try Harder!!!!!

    From the man with many unfinished projects!!!



  2. wow I thought I had a few things on the go I actually feel focused now :). Looking forward to seeing pictures of the french indian wars stuff
    Peace James


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