Williamite Warfare

One of the two reasons I have been deathly quiet on the blogging front is my boots and all leap toward what I have called Williamite Warfare. I have completed the first draft of a core adaptation of Warhammer English Civil War (WECW) rules and the first of a series of 3-5 army lists for the Dutch.

The period under review is the late 17th century in Western Europe, covering the campaigns of William of Orange: The Franco-Dutch War from 1672 through to the end of the Nine Years War in 1698.

I have created a blog site onto which I am intending to upload the rules adaptation and army lists named, not surprisingly "Williamite Warfare". Until I have completed a French list for the first half of the Franco-Dutch War I shall be refraining from posting much and have not really 'anounced' it - which may be up to a few weeks off yet.  I am also seeking permission from whomever owns the rights to Warhammer Ancient Battles and WECW - which is proving difficult to discover. Any help would be appreciated.

Apart from harbouring a long-term love affair for the fashions of the period (social and military) I believe it to be a unique period where the armies of Europe underwent a revolution toward the linear system and experimented with rapidly developing technologies: the swan song of the pike, introduction and replacement of the plug bayonet with the socket, the uptake of the flintlock over the matchlock and the supply of cartridges. Combined with this, drastic experiments with fire delivery systems, cavalry doctrine and the development of the battalion as the logistic and tactical organisation still with us over 300 years on.

Needless to say, I'm looking at the project as a strictly not-for-profit venture. Everything will be freely available. I've put a lot of time and effort into the exercise thus far, writing and re-writing as I go. When I learn how, I'll link it to this blog for anyone interested. Finally accompanying the long standing ranges of Dixon and Foundry, Riever Castings, Copplestone and Front Rank have developed wonderful new sculpts to fill complimentary ranges in 28mm. My colleagues at the Goulburn Wargames Group will be building 28mm armies and posting as we go.

So ... if you're interested, stand by. I suspect some of you may be as I have two followers already - thanks for the vote of confidence.


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