In The Beginning ...

I just loved these booklets as a child. More commonly known as Action Transfers, this particular booklet was from the Patterson Blick Instant Picture Book series and I think I had about three copies between 1972-75. This truly is a generational thing as I have never seen them since.
Together with Ladybird books, these were a fabulous introduction to major historical events (particularly military history) and fueled my young passion for Napoleonic warfare.
They were, and would still be a great introduction for the young to history - we really have lost something in recent years. The images contained within have stuck in my mind ever since - the power of imagery can never be over-estimated. I still get a silly thrill when I look at them - such memories.
 I'm hoping the link attached enables any of you like minded enthusiasts to take a similar trip down memory lane.


  1. I have memories of something similar and thinking how much fun they were but I think based around batman and the like. Not maps unfortunately.

  2. I have a mint copy upstairs gents - still have to fight the urge to get out a pencil and just scratch away!!!

  3. Carlo - I don't know how you come by this stuff but well done. Incredible you have mint copies. My images were downloaded from a site dedicated to transfers - such wonderful memories to be triggered there.

  4. Blimey that takes me back, remember that and others after hitting your provided link. Thanks for a serious memory hit.


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