Papelotte: The Mapping Done

Map with roads

The location of my Papelotte footprint will require careful revisiting. I'm happy with it's notional position but the orientation will require adjustment I am guessing. It's a great excuse to revisit my photos from when I was there. In any case, I enlarged the grid map on my print out and inserted the roads. All roads will be carved into the surface to some extent but much shallower than the sunken roads marked with the lines above. Of course, it will be utterly arbitrary just how sunken they will be and as can be seen, most are not. The roads and their indentation are according to Adkin.
Crops, hedges and trees
I have generally stuck with Adkin's hedge lines but have included trees and crops from the 1777 map by the Austrian cartographer Joseph de Ferraris - map 78 held by the Royal Belgian Library. I have not been slavish in following Ferraris' inclusions, erring toward Adkin's minimalist inclusions. I am not building a static model of Papelotte and its immediate environs but rather a table-top for wargaming on. Nevertheless, with nothing more to go on, crop lines are marked by Ferraris and this will do. He included a lot more hedges and areas of cultivation down to vegie patch plots which I may include once I have the Papelotte model precisely placed. The central cluster of trees I am taking to be an open orchard and the five specimens along the south eastern road to be shade trees. Of course, a lot can change in 38 years.

When the time comes to model the foliage I will have to decide which are crops, types and growth and which are fallow. I will provide for movement through them - probably using removable sections. I just need to think long and hard about what products to use in replicating them.


  1. Thanks and I hope it is at least of some interest to someone. I wasn't sure about documenting this side project. I say side project because I'm not prepared to admit to myself I've derailed two other major tasks because of it. By the way, I'm following your Napoleonic wargaming blog now - wow! Those 15mm figures really make me think I've been gaming in the wrong scale for the past 20 years. Lovely stuff.


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