A fourth Battalion of Line Infantry and General de Brigade 1870

Some quick and dirty snaps of a long awaited final French line battalion of infantry for my Franco-Prussian war army of the Second Empire. These miniatures were half completed over six months ago - shameful. They were massively stalled by my obsession with revisiting my Waterloo project last year over the anniversary period; like every other project I have on the boil. They are all on more like a gentle simmer I suppose.
These are Old Glory 15's figures and I don't think close up macro shots capture them at their best. They are depicting a generic battalion and unlike my normal approach to developing neat structures, I'm just painting what I have.

This is the last of four battalions of line infantry I can make up with the job lot I purchased. I have made a complete regiment (three battalions) and this extra battalion - and my only Line firing line. All are 24 figure units of four bases of six in two ranks deep. With two battalions of Zouaves, I have two ad-hoc regiments with six battalions in total.
My Regimenal Colonels are based as mounted single command figures. With two regiments I have now supplied the growing army with its first General de Brigade represented by a mounted Major General with ADC on an identical base to the colonels. All command bases will retain the same dimensions but will have increased numbers of figures - three for divisional command and so on.


  1. I like them! I have been working on some of Old Glory French myself.

  2. Nice looking 2nd Empire infantry in red trousers.

  3. Looking her good indeed. This is a period I have always wanted to get into but I have never been game to buy the figures.

  4. These look wonderful Greg - thought they were 28mm at first glance mate.

  5. Thanks gents. I really like the Old Glory 15s and they are the best basis for armies in this period in terms of sculpting quality and range. I will need to supplement them with Essex and the like for artillery limbers and such. Only now are people starting to bring out 28mm ranges for the FPW which, like yourselves, is my preferred scale. Still, nice for a change all the same.


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