Captain Bergmann's Nassau Volunteer Jaegers

Better late than never and completed the same time as by Orange-Nassau skirmishing company is my representation of the Nassau Jaegers for 1815.
As dedicated skirmishers, I am continuing my practice of basing them on circular stands of three figures. These twelve figures are all Perry Miniatures 28s and they are simply superb - naturally.

I mix my own colours so hopefully they appear variable in the hue of their green jackets and trousers. I threw in a couple of grey pants for variety. Apart from an irregular hue, I paint the jackets all before the trousers to break up the matches-set look.

Similar to my Orange-Nassau skirmishing unit, I muddied them up as I painted the bases. The basing seems to be getting very complex for me these days but I'm happy with the results. I always apply static grass in dots and build up from there by mixing my own blends. There are three blends used here. I haven't 'wet' the deep ground this time.
I spent more attention to the faces this time, painting in character lines with flesh wash or ink. I actually calculated how many separate painting applications I use per figure and it was approaching 50. Many painting guides have all straps and leather work in ochre but I have retained white leathers for the French issue packs which helps break up the appearance and contrasts the rest.
The bases are measured, cut from 5mm MDF, I cut and fix the magnetic sheet underneath, glue the figures and tall grass on, sculpt with pre-mixed putty and fix the mouse litter whilst wet. Sand, then coat the surface with diluted white glue to fix the litter, two base coats, a black wash, a dry brush then print and fix the unit ID labels, coat with clear matt and finally glue static grass blends times three.


  1. Yes, but do they fight!


  2. Stunning units! Love the bases and the paint job, excellent!

  3. excellent result with round bases, makes want to emulate it.

  4. Looking very, very good Greg. The variation in the uniforms is excellent.

  5. Thanks gents. Working on Prince Bernard now and then it's time to leap in and get a Nassau regiment done.


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