One More 9pdr


I don't know about you, but endless photographs of artillery always leaves me relatively cold compared to other unit types. So I'll keep this short.

This is a fourth Royal (Foot) Artillery piece (Elite Miniatures) so I now have the option for two two-gun batteries instead of always fielding my three gun set for my early Peninsular War British.
I've arranged this model with the crew repositioning their piece instead of my usual square-on basing. Also, I forgot that the rest of my foot artillery had black iron barrels and this one is clearly brass - adding further variety.

I run one limber per battery but I'm not inclined to build a second for this army. The way I play is the limber comes on and off the table whenever the guns are limbered and moving only. I suppose I'll just have to make sure when running two batteries, they never need to move at the same time? I have ordered a caisson (ammo wagon). My home rules dictate if you don't pay for a caisson (in points) per battery, you get 2d6 at the start of the game for how many rounds of ammo you get.


  1. A lovely looking artillery stand Greg…
    I do like what you have done with the positioning of the gun…

    All the best. Aly

    1. Thanks Aly. The only confusion might be it's facing but the front is always opposite my labels - in case I forget.


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