My Table: Ten Years On


I was surfing this very blog the other day and stumbled across my old, previous posting of my work table. I'll not repeat what I posted at the time - all still holds sway. I did notice the differences; however, as my table has evolved over time and I also noted how many hits that old posting has received over that time - quite a popular subject. So, here's an update.

I still doggedly use mainly Humbrol enamel paints and have built a proper series of racks (ledges) to host them - much, more convenient. I can see them and easily access them. Several years ago I swear whoever machines the Humbrol tins changed something and these days the lids don't fit well after opening. So, if you look left of the centre area you'll see four G-clamps which I use to close the tins after each use. The screw end has a matching size washer fixed with two-part epoxy and the base of the 'G' has magnetic strip glued on. I could probably do with a couple more.

I've upgraded my lamp to an LED and it has an optional (stronger) magnifying lens which I haven't had the need to employ yet. My pliers are hanging off screws along the bottom line and I've got a bucket of files fixed to left. I reinforced the centre section with stronger laminate but one day will fix one of those fancy cutting mats ... one day. I also have room to fix some selected images to work from - taped down. 

I also made a rack for my Velejo paints (top left) which are cut PVC tube-stock, glued together and then mounted on an MDF board which is screwed to the table. About the only regular-use items I don't have fixed to the table are my glues, drills and bits and of course my new electric paint shaker. If you are able (and I understand many of you have neither the space or liberty available to you) a set-up which suits you is really (and I mean REALLY) useful and makes life so much easier. Of course, this set-up also has it's limitations and for terrain maters, I'm on a flat table and if needs be, armed with a magnifying head-set.


  1. That’s a nice painting table Greg…
    I suspect that the angled table also cuts down on unnecessary mess…

    All the best. Aly

    1. If only. I make more mess elsewhere but you're right in that I can't afford to let things pile up.

  2. That's a impressive studio/work area!


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