Be2a: Part 4

Well, whilst I haven't yet located my CD from which I printed out this model plan, I have located the credits for the model on-line. It is designed by a gentlemen by the name of Steve Bucher. From my further research, it seems that there is still no 1/72nd scale model commercially available which I have to say is somewhat of a relief given the efforts I have gone to for my flight of Be2s. At some stage I need to think about how I want these aeroplanes marked up as the model comes printed as airframe number 50, Royal Naval Air Service (RNAS).

I have now Supa Glued the wire exhausts to the body. To prep this stage, I ran a file across the top of the engine piston assembly as well as the receiving points under the fuselage. The wire needed a further manipulation to get the alignments correct - they need to curve around the fuselage in order to align with the engine and to straighten underneath.

The mass of the Green Stuff main mufflers provided a further gluing point. Once fixed, I returned to add Green Stuff to the exhaust intakes and also build the primary muffler (at least I think that's what they are) to the front of the fuselage just beneath the line of the engine block. These mufflers will also aid significantly in fixing the exhaust lines to the model - you simply cannot have enough rigidity.

As you can also see, I have constructed the skid assembly using balsa skids and cocktail stick struts. This was fiddly in the extreme and required some carving and sanding. For the other model I have elected to cut out the skid assembly from the print out - it is very thin. Both skid assemblies have been painted over twice with diluted white PVA glue. I will most probably give them a further coat of varnish prior to undercoating and painting with possibly another matte coat. The engine intakes have both been cut from the card stock print-out, curved and glued across the top of the engine block.
These stages have proved to be stalling points in the build, all taking time to cure and set properly. I have turned to painting the crew which are now half done. Speaking of painting, it seems likely that the best option for me will be to paint the fuselage including engine and then fixing the crew prior to proceeding with struts and the upper wing. The undercarriage will go on last before the touching up and rigging. In the meantime, stand by for my last posting on my Prussians ... it's taken long enough.


  1. looking good mate, meanwhile my late war jasta are coming along nicely!


  2. It looks like they are going together nicely.

    Cheers Will


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