I See Three Ships

Thanks to a returned interest in the military history of the latter half of the 17th century, I have made my first forray into naval wargaming with these three vessels from Rod Langton of Langton Miniatures range.

Not yet identified or named, I intend for these vessels (a Dutch Pinace, Cromster and Fluit) to be the start of an accumulating range representing the 2nd Anglo-Dutch War - more specifically the Four Days Battle.

Anyone interested in this period could do a lot worse that getting a hold of Frank L Fox's Four Days Battle of 1666 - the most informative and readable military history I have read in many, many years.

As for the accompanying shots, I elected to run with a green sea as it both appealed to me and seemed less common, which I painted on pre-mounted canvass panels obtained from a haberdashery. It took many coats of an art paint (water based acrylic) which was multi-coated with gloss enamel varnish. I knew I was going to elect clear bases and I ended up going for a glass option to avoid yellowing, scratching and to give extra stability to the model due to the relative weight of the glass. I needed to cut the stuff so learnt how on-line and bought both the glass and the cutter through eBay.


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