SPARTA for the Spartans

A largely speculative project has been my long evolving Spartan residence and outbuildings. Whilst archeology is thin on the ground (and under it for that matter) I have modelled some dwellings from an old Mycenean reconstruction. The preferred material, as always, is foam core (5mm thick) with balsa cladding. The pillars - so essential for that ancient Mediterranean look - is sawn dowel.
I predict I will coat this model in a sand and paint emulsion to fill in the cracks and achieve that stucco look, similar to the way I made my adobe buildings. As always, the roof comes off for figure placement and the interior of this house is somewhat modelled which is something I intend to do more of. When push comes to shove, my Spartans will defend their homes from within their homes in the end.

The outbuildings (x2) I imagine to be helot dwellings  and I have a mind to place all three buildings together with a small temple on a raised mesa of some sort - not too high, large or dramatic but raising it just above the valley it will look out over, covered in olive groves, vineyards and crops. The only thing preventing me from not finishing this lot off is waiting to come across a suitable God figure for the temple statue and some discipline to finish off all the other projects I start. For example, as I write this posting, I have two 33 figure Dutch battalions for the War of the Spanish Succession, a battalion of Dutch for 1815 and three Celtic chariots on my work bench.


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