The Whole Shebang: Legio XI


Given that I'm nearer 60 than 50, it's been a long time coming to 'come of age' as an ancient wargamer. I can't pin-point most of my wargaming benchmarks but this is definitely a moment for me. You see in shot my whole XIth legion plus three extra cohorts.

It comprises 312 legionary figures plus 16 skirmishing slingers, command, artillerists (onager, Ballista and two scorpio) and three testudo models. Including my mule cart, that's 94 bases - no wonder I struggled through the basing process!


All but the two Legio III cohorts are labelled and there is a command base absent from shot - my second Legatus. I do have Gallic cavalry to support them who are not in shot. I will add to the Legio III in due course and include further cavalry - likely Germanic.

I'm already thinking about Pempey's legion(s) which I will make a polyglot of various allies supporting an legionary core. I like the idea of including Spanish, Egyptian and Macedonian 'imitation' legions (formed heavy infantry) with cavalry from all nations. Should be a hoot.

But that will do for now. Most figures are Warlord Games plastic Casarian Romans with a sprinkling of Aventine Miniatures (generally cohort command figures) with two cohorts (IX and X) comprising Aventine and Wargames Foundry figures.



  1. Absolutely fabulous mate, great to finally see it completed after I suspect at least a 15 year project. Really love the work you have done on this and applaud you on the muted colours and the shield work, especially like your tortoise and will be copying your plan in my Republican build this year.

    All the best and hope to catch up when we come back in April for my sons wedding.


    1. Actually not that long mate. About six years - you know how slow I am. Jesus - marriage. In my mind he's still 18. Glad you like the result. I'm happy with it.

  2. A fearsome looking force indeed.

    All the best. Aly


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