Broadcaster Review: The Chieftan

Nicholas Moran (aka The Chieftain) for me is best described as a talking head. Thankfully, he is easy to listen to and knows what he's talking about - just what you want in a talking head. He is another high profile YouTube broadcaster with 125,000+ subscribers at the time of writing and he very much stays on-topic ... and his topic is tanks.

A tanker himself and more importantly a researcher for the on-line gaming site World of Tanks, Nicholas is an Irish born US national who travels around the world to tank museums and open days, hosts forums and delivers lectures on tanks, the history of tanks and tank warfare.

He does not always work alone and is assisted at times by a camera-man for his Inside the Hatch series of episodes. He has 201 episodes on his channel including museum tours, presentations on tanks doctrines and development of the tank arms for a growing number of countries.

This man is a natural and his product is quite professional. He can only really improve once he buys a teleprompter for some of his studio presentations. I find him engaging, funny when he wants to be, knowledgeable and never dull. I have learnt from this broadcaster and hope to continue that trend.


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