Broadcaster Review: Military Aviation History

I only recently discovered this channel on YouTube and it is superb. Co-created and compered by a German aviation enthusiast, this presenter broadcasts under the name 'Bismark'. He comprises a series of 168 episodes to-date on military aicraft and military aviation history.

Bismark started off six years ago with this channel reviewing and running commentary of air frames within a computer game - so not really my cup of tea. Two years later he took a battlefield tour through Normandy and put together a commentated slide-show on the trip - so he had started to migrate toward documentary making. About two years ago he started making small documentary episodes on aspects of military aviation which have evolved into his current production of very professional YouTube TV broadcasts.

He appears to have just started making his 'In the Cockpit" series of episodes which is very slick and informative walk around and overview of historical air-frames. They are very much in the same style as The Chiiftan's "Inside the Hatch" format. The camera work for this is particularly professional, his presentations are well scripted and edited. Bismark himself is a smart, erudite presenter with good presence.

Interestingly, these historical and technical broadcasters have started joining up for discussion panels at museums and open day forums. They also appear to be borrowing the best presentation techniques off each other, implementing animations and complimentary slide graphics to their work.

Bismark has 151,000+ subscribers and is being funded through Patron. If he continues, Bismark will be building an invaluable audio-visual resource and filling a large gap.


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