Broadcaster Review: Night Shift

Another YouTube broadcaster, Martin Kovac's Night Shift is a channel presenting a series of a model making episodes which are very instructive and entertaining.

There are a lot of well-meaning tutorials for model making and painting techniques by all sorts of model makers - most of them amateurs. What makes Martin's tutorials so superior is his editing, scripting, camera work and use of the visual format to actually show you what's happening. He is also (to me) amusing when he wants to be and therefor entertaining also.

He is from Eastern Europe with an interesting and engaging accent whilst also having completely fluent English and with over 30,000 subscribers I'm not his only fan. That's quite the tally given that Night Shift appears to have been releasing episodes for only six months to date. I think Martin is a Slovakian so his mastering of broadcasting in English is a big credit to him I feel.

I'm relying almost exclusively on his examples and techniques for elevating my modelling of my armoured vehicles for 20mm Rapid Fire wargames. This is an experiment for me and may be madness as high-end modelling techniques are time consuming and really designed for a single example for display - not a wargaming troop of nine models for arms-length play.

Again, I rate this broadcaster as the best of the best and recommend you give him a go if modelling tips for tanks in particular is your thing.


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